Thursday, April 29, 2010

Without Your Head 04/29/10

We opened the show with Robb the Clerk and Chef John from Late Night At The Horror Hotel topics discussed:
- Late Night At The Horror Hotel's premise
- zombies
- remakes of classics
- movies so bad they are good
- Night of the Living Dead
- Human Centipede
- Long Pigs
- Debut of the lucky 13 segment
- pro wrestling and much more !!

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We were then joined by Astro Creep Andre V and Tommy Doom for the News Creep which included:
- Human Centipede
- General Mills Cereal films
- Hatcher sequels
- Nightmare on Elm Street remake
- Ninety
- Piranhas 3D

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Without Your head 04/08/10

We opened the show with Leslie Easterbrook. Topics include:
- Callahan in Police Academy
- Mother Firefly in Devil's Rejects
- Working with Rob Zombie
- Sid Haig
- Laverne & Shirley
- Broads the Musical
- House now playing on Fearnet
- The Afflicted
- her interest in producing
- Michael Winslow
- Much more !!

For more information on Broads the Musical please visit:

For more information on The Afflicted please visit:

In the post show we were joined by the returning Andre the Astrocreep for the News Creep of the week. Topics included:
- The Thing Prequel
- The A-Team casting
- Astrozombies 3
- Troma selling the rights for a Toxic Avenger remake
- new Resident Evil movie
- Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and the no breast implants policy
- Halloween 3

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