Friday, January 30, 2009

Without Your Head 1/29/09

We were joined by make up artist/special effects creature creator Gary Tunnicliffe. We talked about his newest project My Bloody Valentine 3D and his favorite death scenes. Gary also talked many of his movies he's worked on such as the Hellraiser films, Candyman, Sleepy Hollow, Feast and tons more. He told so many entertaining stories about the films and actors and directors etc...too many to name so just listen already !!!

Gary J. Tunnicliffe's Official Website
Gary J. Tunnicliffe's Official Fansite

In the post show we were joined by Astro Creep as we gave our in depth analysis of the upcoming Oscar Awards.

A truly epic editon of WYH.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Without Your Head 1/15/09

We were joined by the author of the original Friday the 13th Victor Miller. We talked all about Friday the 13th, the sequels, the characters, the remake/sequel the famous jingle and much more.

Official Victor Miller Site

In the post show we were joined by Astrocreep for the Newscreep segment. We went over the new Freddy Krueger, planned Last House on the Left remake, 2 new zombie films from Romero, the influx of faggy vampires in movies and TV, Dance of the Dead on DVD, Heath Ledger's last role, Ben Stein's terrible documentary and so much more !! Check it out kiddies !!!

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