Friday, February 19, 2010

Without Your Head 02/04/10

We were joined by Brian Peck aka Scuz of Return of the Living Dead. We talked about making the movie, it's cult status, the late Dan O'Bannon, the sequel, his movie collections, his mohawk and his new career as a film producer. For more information on Brian's latest film "Bitch Slap" please visit:

The music in tonight's show was provided by Spawn Atomic, for information on the band please visit their website and tell them WYH sent ya for them bwahahaha!!!

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Without Your Head 02/18/10

We were joined by Beverly Randolph. We talked about her role as Tina in Return of the Living Dead. The staying power of the movie. Working on set with the cast and director Dan O'Bannon.

We then reviewed Wolfman and took some calls talking about random horror topics. Check it out kiddies !!!

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