Friday, September 26, 2008

Without Your Head 9/25/08

In this edition we were joined by writer and producer of Rest Stop: Don't Look Back, John Shiban. We talked about the first and 2nd film, the Winnebago family, the mythology of the driver, his thoughts on real ghosts, the look of the film and much more. Rest Stop: Don't Look Back will be available on DVD and Blu Ray September 30th.

Official Rest Stop: Don't Look Back Website

In the post interview we were joined once again by Astro Creep for the Newscreep segment. We went over planned horror movie remakes and musicals plus a whole lot more. Listen now !!!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Without Your Head 9/11/08

We were joined by Bostin Christopher for nearly 2 hours covering his title role in "Otis". We went over the character's back story, getting into the character and how fans and critics have taken to it. We also talked about the great cast Bostin worked with such as Ashley Johnson, Illeana Douglas, Daniel Stern and Kevin Pollack. We also talked about what movies Bostin enjoys, his latest film "In My Pocket" with Zack Ward and Gregory Smith and the upcoming film by Raw Feed "Rest Stop Don't Look Back". Otis is available not on DVD, and will be available on Blu Ray October 7th.
Bostin Christopher's Official Website
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Official Raw Feed Website

In the preshow we were joined by Astro Creep for the Newscreep. We went over "Little Red Riding Hood" with Robert Englund, The Candyman remake, It's Alive remake, a new Poltergeist film, Diary of the Dead 2 and Cabin Fever 2 the Musical !?! Plus we gave our thoughts on HBO's Tru Blood debut and much more !!!

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Without Your Head 9/04/08

This weel we went over what we would do in case of a zombie outbreak. We took many calls and were visited by Astrocreep for the Newscreep segment where we covered the rumored remakes of Suspiria, Rosemary's Baby and Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also sequels to Batman, Evil Dead I Am Legend and much more !!!

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